At the Charles Bukowski tribute in downtown Los Angeles on June 30th, Dan Fante — novelist/poet son of writing legend John Fante — was a highlight of the event as a reader, raconteur, and poet. Dan explained that the venue held personal meaning for him — because from the building’s terrace he could view Angel’s Flight, the funicular memorialized in his father’s masterpiece Ask the Dust. Dan also shared other favorite nearby locations he’d visited with his father — including Pershing Square — and reminded the audience, “We are on Bunker Hill,” the site of hotel featured in Ask the Dust. Visit Dan’s official website here.

Another standout performer was Chiwan Choi, who read Bukowski’s poem “Twins,” which Bukowski wrote about his father’s death, along with an original poem about his father. Find out more about this brilliant poet here.

The evening ended with a touching version of “Danny Boy” by actor Harry Dean Stanton, who opened with a harmonica solo and sang with uber soul.