For his new noir/sci-fi audio series Hothouse Bruiser, writer/ director Joel Metzger (at right in above photo) faced more than his share of obstacles — everything from below-zero budgets to building a recording studio in his basement (hey, do people have basements in California?). But to bring the series to life, Metzger got more than a little help from his friends — especially the actor who portrayed the series’ main character, Jason “Bruiser” Brusman.

Paul Nobrega (at left in above photo) did what Metzger calls the “heavy lifting” for Hothouse Bruiser — appearing in every scene of the 325-page script! This required Norbrega to commit to about 50 recording sessions — and, because of scheduling issues, he never recorded with the other 30 actors in the series. Nobrega listened to playback from his fellow players and brought home a seamless performance — steeping every syllable in noir nuance.

For more on this unique series, which will be available soon on phone aps in multiple formats, visit the official Hothouse Bruiser website here. 

Photo by Silver Birch at Hothouse Bruiser kick-off celebration in Los Angeles, July 7, 2012.