ImageApologies to Tom Robbins for the 4-day delay in wishing him a happy birthday. I have been an uber Robbins fan for many years. My favorite is still his first novel, Another Roadside Attraction, which was like a revelation to me. You mean, it’s okay to make up wild, crazy metaphors, concoct outlandish stories, and invent outrageous characters? Count me in.

When I first starting reading his books, I was so taken with Robbins’ writing that I sent him a letter in care of his publisher — and he was kind enough to write back. I kept up a running correspondence with Robbins for many years — and met him a couple of times when he stopped in Chicago during his book tours. He was even kind enough to give me a book blurb. What a guy! Not only a great writer but a great human being.

Thank you for all those postcards, Tom — and, of course, thank you for all of your wonderful books. Hope you had a happy birthday!

Photo: Cade Martin, All Rights Reserved