On this day in 1969, Iain Macmillan shot the photo that would become the cover of Abbey Road, the Beatles‘ 11th (and last) studio album. Abbey Road was first album ever to omit the artist and title from the cover — a photographer’s dream: the cover consisted of the photo, the whole photo, and nothing but the photo. Macmillan had just 10 minutes to shoot the photograph — standing on a step ladder while a policeman stopped traffic.

Besides John, barefoot Paul, George, and Ringo, the photo included two notable features. The first was the white VW beetle on the left with license plate number LMW 281F. After Abbey Road’s September 1969 release, the car’s license plate was repeatedly stolen by souvenir seekers. The second notable feature was Paul Cole, the man standing in the mid-right-hand portion of the photo — an American tourist who had no idea he’d ended up in the shot until the album came out.

I know what I’ll be listening to today!