“The book arrived a few weeks later. It was a beautifully bound hardcover book titled Scarlet. The book was limited to one hundred and eighty copies, forty of which include an original drawing by Bukowski. He inscribed a presentation copy with an original painting on the cover which read: “For Pamela — For the girl who made me write these poems, for the girl who made me feel that feeling which comes so seldom in a lifetime.” He signed it Charles Bukowski and added a drawing of his signature little man smiling, smoking a cigarette, holding a flower in his left hand, with the sun in the form of a heart above him on the right side, and a bird flying above on the left.”

From Chapter 21 of Charles Bukowski’s Scarlet, a Memoir by Pamela “Cupcakes” Wood

Thoughts: I love this memoir. It brings not only Charles Bukowski, but also the fun, freewheeling 1970s to vivid life. Highly recommended! Find the book here.