I’ll admit it, I read the National Enquirer when standing in checkout lines. (It reminds me of the comic books I read as a kid.) Anyway, for years the Enquirer has been running a feature called “Lucky Blue Dot.” The tabloid’s pages include a large image of a blue dot that has been energized by a psychic to bring people luck. You’re supposed to cut out the blue dot and carry it around with you for luck (quite a few big-jackpot lottery winners swear by the dot).

Anyway, all that is a preamble for our new feature: The Lucky Red Balloon. (Our previous post, the sad poem “Tragedy” about a kid who never got a red balloon, made me think of doing this. While some of us may not have received a red balloon as a kid, we can all share one now!)

Since most (if not all) of our readers are involved in the arts, we’re featuring the Lucky Red Balloon to bring you luck with all of your endeavors! Just look at the lucky red balloon and feel the luck coming your way! Please keep us posted!

As for us, we feel very lucky that you have paid a visit to our blog.