The United Kingdom celebrated its National Poetry Day on Thursday, October 4, 2012. This years’s theme — STARS! Congratulations to Joan Jobe Smith who was a featured poet in the event with her poem “Dancing in a River of Stars.” Yesterday, the poem was published in a leading British newspaper. Find the link here — or read the poem below.


Poem by Joan Jobe Smith

They sang in those days, no
stereo CDs MTV everywhere
boom box ear-plugged joggers
fast fingered bloggers blast-zinging
twitter all over the place
they’d sing
my mother sang while cooking
supper, doing dishes Amapola
my pretty little poppy moonlight
becomes you it goes with your
stardust hair
my father driving his car
over the Golden Gate Bridge sang
San Francisco open your golden gate
that old black magic that you weave so
well under my skin California here
we come and sometimes they’d sing
duet cheek to cheek deep in the
heart of me as they waltzed across
the living room, danced the fox trot
barefoot, the rug rolled back, lights
down low, Artie Shaw shadow clarinet
crooning behind their backs dancing

dancing in the dark
near an endless river of stars.