Available in early November 2012 — Charles Bukowski Epic Glottis by Joan Jobe Smith. 

In her respectful, affectionate literary profile, Joan Jobe Smith shares up-close, personal recollections of her extraordinary mentor, fellow writer, and friend Charles Bukowski, along with the remembrances and comments of the fabulous women he loved — Frances Dean Smith (francEyE), Anne Menebroker, Linda King, and Pamela Miller Wood. Charles Bukowski Epic Glottis is a no-holds-barred celebration of this incomparable bard of the racetracks and bars and hard streets of Los Angeles.” FRED VOSS, award-winning poet and author of Hammers and Hearts of the Gods

“Charles Bukowski emphasized the importance of style and grace in everything and, as her mentor, the old man would not be disappointed. Like a sparkling bijou, Joan Jobe Smith is a gift to the world of art and humanity.” PAMELA MILLER WOOD, author of Charles Bukowski’s Scarlet

“The poems of Joan Jobe Smith have the reality of force properly put down on paper…a game girl…she cuts herself loose into the stratosphere…a strange woman, a strange, good, basic woman.” CHARLES BUKOWSKI