If you have a novel you’ve always meant to write, now is the time to do it (well, starting in about a week). Get the help, support, encouragement, and impetus to finish that 50,000 word novel in just 30 days. That’s right, 30 days hath November, and you will write about 1,665 words per day to complete your novel by November 30, 2012.

I recently met someone who has participated in this event for the past few years and he had nothing but raves to report.

For more, visit the official website:

One More Thought (Read the Fine Print): If you participate in NANOWRIMO and complete your novel, Silver Birch Press will be happy to consider it for publication. Only novels completed as part of NANOWRIMO will qualify — and you need to send an email to Silver Birch Press by November 1, 2012 (find our email address on our website) to state your intention to finish the novel and have us consider it for publication. (I want to avoid getting inundated — since nearly 40,000 NANOWRIMO participants completed novels as part of the 2011 event. In case we do get inundated, this offer is valid for the first 25 people who contact us. This offer is intended primarily for the current followers of the Silver Birch Press blog.  For the record, Silver Birch Press is currently an “invitation only” press — since we are an independent entity with limited resources — and does not accept unsolicited submissions.  Despite our limited resources, we like to find ways to create opportunities for writers! We hope this is one way to do it! )