by Kathy Dahms Rogers

The streetlight shines so brightly

on the ocean, each wave has a silver lip.

That’s when I realize how real

my Dreams are.  Each day I awaken

to unbelievable news from unimaginable places

whose ghostly characters crowd out my thoughts.

I try to pin them down but they fade away

as Memory frees them to float over the bluff.

Each night I eagerly await my escape,

a better life, another dream.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathy Dahms Rogers was born in Iowa, lives in Long Beach, California, and loves to travel with her husband Jack.  She calls herself an “accidental poet” because she began writing poetry during the 1990s in a workshop she thought was going to focus on memoir and travel writing. She continues to attend these weekly workshops with poet Donna Hilbert. Now a retired college reading instructor, Kathy’s poems have been published in PEARL, a literary journal, and Voices, an anthology.

“Dreams” and other poetry by Kathy Dahms Rogers is featured in the Silver Birch Press Silver Anthology, a collection of poetry and prose by authors from the U.S. and U.K. — available in paperback and Kindle versions at

Photo: “Streetlights on the Beach, Monterey, California” by Bikini Sleepshirt, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED