We have a new logo, a new website, and many new offerings — poetry, anthologies, nonfiction, memoirs, novels, dramatic works, and more — at Silver Birch Press. We be honored if you’d pay a visit to our website: silverbirchpress.com. Thank you!

Our name and logo are homages to one of our publishing heroes — John Martin, founder of Black Sparrow Press. We picked the name Silver Birch because we were looking for a way to carry on the tradition of Black Sparrow — so we selected a color and something in nature (and, by the way, our initials are the same as Black Sparrow, only reversed). And, to complete the picture, we added a starling in our birch tree.

John Martin, as many of you know, was Charles Bukowski‘s friend and publisher — and the reason that Bukowski did not end up an obscure poet in obscure ‘zines.  In this tradition, we hope to discover and foster gifted writers — that’s one of the reasons for our anthology series. Check out our latest — the Silver Birch Press Green Anthology — at Amazon.com.