Silver Birch Press is pleased to announce the April 2013 release of EVERYTHING IS EPIC, a collection of 18 short stories by Michael C. Keith.

At Silver Birch Press, we love “eclectic,” and Keith’s stories offer a wide range of delights — spanning a broad spectrum of genres: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, humor, speculative, revisionist, and more. Keith knows how to find the arcane in the mundane — opening a window in our everyday lives to reveal the epic nature of everything.

In the collection, a wife discovers her spouse does not always cry wolf, a son finds his father’s seemingly odd behavior is anything but, a raging sea delivers a young woman’s fantasy lover, an inexplicable event disrupts life on the planet, a long-perished civil rights activist saves a young man from humiliation, and visitors from another world wreak havoc by curing all earthly ills.

“From the relentlessly restless imagination of Michael C. Keith comes his latest collection, EVERYTHING IS EPIC. With his usual outrageous characters, poignant storylines, and exceptional writing, Keith has once again earned his place as one of our very favorite writers.” 


Find EVERYTHING IS EPIC, a 170-page collection of stories by Michael C. Keith at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael C. Keith is the author of over twenty books on electronic media, among them Talking Radio, Voices in the Purple Haze, Radio Cultures, Signals in the Air, and the classic textbook The Radio Station. The recipient of numerous awards in his academic field, he is also the author of dozens of journal articles and short stories and has served in a variety of editorial positions. In addition, he is the author of an acclaimed memoir (The Next Better Place, published by Algonquin Books), a young adult novel (Life is Falling Sideways), and four story anthologies––Of Night and Light, And Through the Trembling Air, Sad Boy, and Hoag’s Object. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and Pen/O.Henry Award and was a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award for short fiction anthology. He lives near Boston.