by Larry D. Thomas

Through my office window,
I watched it for several hours
darting from its perch
in the holly tree, and then,
within minutes, returning.
The tree stood just a few feet
from the doors of the art museum.
Each time a door was opened,
a blast of air-conditioned air
rushed out, ruffling the ruby
plumage of its head and breast.  
It just closed its eyes,
braced itself on its branch,  
and froze.  All day long it did this,
never tiring of its antics,
as if relishing the air
redolent and tumescent
with the oils of the masters;
laden with the bated,
exhaled breath of astonishment.

“House Finch in Summer” was first published in The Christian Science Monitor and appears in Larry D. Thomas‘s collection A Murder of Crows, available at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Larry D. Thomas, a member of the Texas Institute of Letters, was the 2008 Texas Poet Laureate. He has published sixteen collections of poetry, most recently A Murder of Crows (Virtual Artists Collective, 2011). Among the numerous prizes and awards he has received for his poetry are the 2004 Violet Crown Award (Writers’ League of Texas), 2003 Western Heritage Award (Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma), two Texas Review Poetry Prizes (2001 and 2004), three Pushcart Prize nominations, a Poets’ Prize nomination (West Chester University), and five Spur Award Finalist citations (Western Writers of America). His Website address is

Photo: Larry D. Thomas reads his poetry at  at the Poetry Society of Texas Poetry and Music Festival on Saturday, May 10th, in Midland, Texas.