We are excited about the upcoming Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology — a collection of poetry, fiction, memoirs, and essays about Charles Bukowski from authors in the U.S., U.K., and Europe — and are planning for an August 16, 2013 release to celebrate Buk’s 93rd birthday. (Cover art by Mark Erickson and Birgit Zartl.)

To give you a preview, a poem from the collection is featured below.

by Mark Terrill

A hot, smoggy day in LA.
Bukowski wheels out of the lot
at the Hollywood Park racetrack,
past rows of cars shimmering
in the brassy California sun.
Bukowski is ninety bucks ahead today.
He roars out onto the freeway,
slips over into the fast lane,
turns up the Mahler symphony,
lights a big black cigar.
For the time being, he is
beyond poetry, beyond women,
beyond the post office, back-rent,
and that long war of attrition
we all know as Existence.
He grins sublimely, focused on the
hard, glittering diamond of Fortune,
like a Zen monk tuning in
to the true meaning of life,
which is essentially the same thing.