by James Montgomery (1771-1854)

A joyous creature vaulted through the air, 
The aspiring fish that fain would be a bird, 
On long, light wings, that flung a diamond-shower 
Of dew-drops round its evanescent form, 
Sprang into light, and instantly descended…

PHOTO: Will Parson Photography, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (

EDITOR’S NOTE: Riding the train up and down the California coast yesterday, I was greeted and treated by the sight of the magnificent California Brown Pelican. These majestic birds ride the waves in graceful lines like surfers — and put on quite a show at sunset. If you want to see something that will take your breath away — no, I’m not talking about Johnny Depp in THE LONE RANGER — watch this surfing pelican video at youtube. I promise it will make your day!