The Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology (available in August 2013) will feature poetry and prose about Charles Bukowski from over 50 friends and admirers — and includes portraits of the great author from artists around the world. The cover of the Bukowski Anthology showcases a portrait of Buk by renowned California artist Mark Erickson, a longtime Bukowski aficionado, and Austrian artist Birgit Zartl.  The collection will also feature photographic portraits of Bukowski by Joan Gannij — the photographer who has captured some of the most iconic images in the Bukowski canon.

As a preview, here’s a poem from the collection.

by Michael O’Brien

Got a copy of Bukowski
from the library.
Nice, hard
cover edition; nicer than any of the ones
I’d ever shelled out cash
Just noticed that the red dye
from the binding
has bled out a bit
onto the inside
of the dust jacket.
Makes me imagine that somebody
along the line
was reading in the rain.
Not bad, old
not bad.
Still there for us
when we got no place
to hide.

We will do our best to release the Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology on Charles Bukowski’s 93rd birthday — August 16, 2013.