by Julie Cadwallader-Staub

Who could need more proof than honey–
How the bees with such skill and purpose

enter flower after flower

sing their way home

to create and cap the new honey

just to get through the flowerless winter.

And how the bear with intention and cunning

raids the hive

shovels pawful after pawful into his happy mouth

bats away indignant bees

stumbles off in a stupor of satiation and stickiness.

And how we humans can’t resist its viscosity

its taste of clover and wind

its metaphorical power:

don’t we yearn for a land of milk and honey?

don’t we call our loved ones “honey?”

all because bees just do, over and over again, what they were made to do.

Oh, who could need more proof than honey

to know that our world

was meant to be


was meant to be


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Julie Cadawallader-Staub lives near Burlington, Vermont. Her poems have been published in numerous journals and featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac. Her first collection of poems, Face to Face, was published in 2010. “Joy” and” Guinea Pig,” which Garrison Keillor read on The Writer’s Almanac, are in this collection, in addition to sixty other poems. Julie’s poem Reverence has been anthologized in Garrison Keillor’s book Good Poems: American Places. Her poetry also appears in the Silver Birch Press Summer Anthology. Visit her at