by Paul Kareem Tayyar

This is the hour of the sundial,
The green lake and the lady who defends it,
This is the hour of the rose and the watercolor clouds,
This is the hour when the angels,
Long crippled by an absence of faith in those they have been sent to protect,
Awake to find that the children are holding their arms out to them,
And the white rain warms its hands by the slow fire of an emerging sun.

Here is where your life becomes a silent film,
Where your life becomes a long poem filled with lovely metaphors,
Where you no longer have to dream about what the days before you will become.

This is the hour that you had been promised,
See your dreams sitting like starlings upon the telephone wires
Across the street from where you stand.

“Little Mythologies” and other poetry by Paul Kareem Tayyar appears in the Silver Birch Press Green Anthology  available at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Kareem Tayyar, a three-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize, is the author of four collections of poetry: Everyday Magic (West-Coast Bias Press), Scenes From A Good Life (Tebot Bach),Postmark Atlantis (Level 4 Press), and Follow the Sun: Poems, Stories, and Reflections (Aortic Books). Paul’s most recent book of prose is the novella In the Footsteps of the Silver King (Spout Hill Press). He is the Founding Director of World Parade Books, an independent press that has published works by Edward Field, Clifton Snider, and Donna Hilbert. He is one of the organizers of Beside the City of Angels: A Long Beach Poetry Festival.

Painting: “Birds on Wire” by Jodi Leigh. Prints available at