Image“…these canines fled away into the storm…Slowly the rain ceased, the grey rack blowing away and over Windermere as first light came creeping into the sky and the remaining inmates of Lawson Park woke to another day in the care and service of humanity.”

RICHARD ADAMS, The Plague Dogs


In the above photo, actor Robert Pattinson— star of the Twilight series of movies — looks for books at New York City’s famed Strand Book Store, while posing as a clerk named “Tyler” (trying for peace, quiet, and anonymity — all necessary when selecting books). Rob’s book picks include THE PLAGUE DOGS, a 1977 novel by Richard Adams, author of WATERSHIP DOWN. (Pattinson holds a copy of the original edition published by Alfred A Knopf.)

At, THE PLAGUE DOGS is described as “a lyrical and engrossing tale, a remarkable journey into the hearts and minds of two canine heroes, Snitter and Rowf, fugitives from the horrors of an animal research center who escape into the isolation — and terror — of the wilderness.”