Poem by Winston Tong

Shining, sterling, sublime,
Incandescent, incisive, immortal
Laborious, luminous, lambent,
Valued, venerable, versatile,
Elemental, enduring, esteemed,
Regal, reflective, radiant

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Winston Tong is a celebrated actor, playwright, visual artist, puppeteer, singer, and songwriter. He is best known for his vocal work in Tuxedomoon and for winning a 1978 Obie Award in puppetry for Bound Feet. He appeared in the 1981 documentary Theater in Trance by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who shot the film in 1981 at the Theaters of the World Festival in Cologne, Germany. Tong’s career, including solo activity, was examined in detail in Isabelle Corbisier’s Tuxedomoon biography Music for Vagabonds—the Tuxedomoon Chronicles (2008).
Winston Tong‘s work is featured — along with writing from more than 60 other authors — in the Silver Birch Press release Silver: An Eclectic Anthology of Poetry & Prose (November 2012). The 240-page book is available in paperback or Kindle versions at