Poem by Dale Sprowl                                                           

Mystic fog clung to air like film over eyes.
Unlike the usual silver tidal wave that strikes the coast,
it made the world invisible except for headlights and streetlamps
which created dusty pyramids reflecting nothingness.
The mist hung such that magical reality leapt to life—
a view of world one step back.
Sometimes veil of mist and shadow slows us,
and darkness, the uncertainty, reveals light.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dale Sprowl teaches writing at Biola University in La Mirada, California. During summers, she administrates and teaches at the Young Writer’s Project at UCI. Her work with the UCI Writing Project began in 1981, and she has contributed to the UCIWP texts on the teaching of writing. Her first chapbook of poems, The Colors of Water, published by Finishing Line Press in 2007, and her second chapbook, Moon Over Continent’s Edge (2009) have been nominated for a California Book Award. Her poems have also appeared in PEARL, Fire, A New Song, Ancient Paths, and Knowing Stones: Poems of Exotic Places.

“Foggy November” by Dale Sprowl appears in the Silver Birch Press Silver Anthology — available in a Kindle version at The book,  which features the work of 62 authors from the U.S. and U.K., is also available in paperback.