DECEMBER 15, 2013


WHAT: Silver Birch Press is seeking submissions of erasure poems (find out more about this art form at wavepoetry.com and geist.com) that use Charles Bukowski’s writing as source material. For examples of erasure poetry, see this link.

WHY: Bukowski fans love Buk and his oeuvre — and erasure poetry allows people to feel closer to the great writer and his superb writing. Bukowski erasure poems are composed with the utmost respect for the master — and as a way to honor his brilliance, which shines brighter every year. 

WHERE: Selected Bukowski Erasure poems will appear on the Bukowski On Wry blog and in a printed collection.


1. Select a page from the work of Charles Bukowski (poetry or prose). (NOTE: Single pages only — no spreads.) 

2. Photocopy the page, then mark out, white out, or in some other way (see examples), eliminate some of the words. The remaining words constitute your Bukowski Erasure Poem. (Note: Make sure all the eliminated words are blocked out.)

3. Scan (or take a photo of) your marked-up copy.

4. Create a separate typed version in MSWord or in body of email.

5. Send an email to bukowskionwry@yahoo.com that includes:

  • Erasure poems (up to three) in PDF or JPG format
  • Typed versions of erasure poems in MSWord or in body of email
  • Your one-paragraph bio
  • Your name, email address, and mailing address
  • Title, edition, page number, publisher, and publication date for the book (if it’s a poem from a book, list the name of the poem and the book). If the Bukowski material comes from an internet resource, list the source. If the material comes from a Bukowski novel, list the chapter number.

DEADLINE: December 15, 2013

PAYMENT: All contributors featured in the print edition will receive a copy of the book, which we intend to release in March 2014 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Buk’s passing.