We are honored that Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology contributing editor Eddie Woods read poetry by win harms and Mark Terrill from the Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology at Bar Bukowski ( in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on January 20, 2014. Woods also read from his memoir Tennessee Williams in Bangkok (Inkblot Publications, 2013). Along with Eddie Woods, the literary event featured poets Sabina Lukovic, Aaron Mick, Pim Oudheusden, bart plantenga, Max Urai, Jibbe Willems, and — in her poetry performance debut — Hannah Woods.

Here’s one of the poems featured during the reading…


 by win harms

feeling like bukowski

here i am a lone lunatic

looking over the street

and evoking the men

i’ve known biblically

they were cads and

i put them out like

cigarettes in the ashtray

i am playing my music too

loud, the phone refuses to

 ring, i think about

opening a beer but don’t

realizing it’s ten am

i light candles for

my salvation

and listen to the

wind through the trees

what a sad song they play

today i want to fly away

and forget where I was

last night

“Feeling Like Bukowski” by win harms – plus poetry, prose, and art by over 70 contributors — appears in the Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology (August 2013), available at

Photo of Eddie Woods by Bas Geerdink, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.