In honor of the 20th anniversary of Charles Bukowski’s passing, we have raffled off this original 18×18″ watercolor portrait of Bukowski by Bradley Wind. This artwork is from our personal collection, acquired after the portrait appeared in the Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology.

Congratulations to our winner:

A.D. Winans (San Francisco, California)

NOTE: I asked Buk to guide my hand when I picked the name — and the winner turned out to be Buk’s old pal and good friend, author A.D. Winans. A renowned poet, Winans is the author of a Bukowski memoir and many other books, including a recent short story collection, poetry collection, book of essays,

ABOUT THE WINNER: A. D. Winans, an award-winning native San Francisco poet and writer, edited and published the acclaimed Second Coming Press for seventeen years. He worked for the San Francisco Art Commission from 1975-80, and during that time produced the 1980 Poets and Music Festival honoring the poet Josephine Miles and blues legend John Lee Hooker. His work has been published in over fifteen hundred poetry magazines and anthologies, including the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. He is the author of over fifty books of poetry and prose, including North Beach Poems and Drowning Like Li Po in a River of Red Wine: Selected Poems 1970-2010. 
 In 2002, a song poem of his was set to music and performed at New York’s Alice Tully Hall. In 2006, he won a PEN Josephine Miles Award for excellence in literature, and in 2009 PEN Oakland awarded him a lifetime achievement award. 
Visit him at

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Bradley Wind is an artist and author. He spent a good deal of his twenties reading Bukowski’s work. He owes Charles Bukowski a debt that can never be repaid so he drew a picture in his honor. Find him at