On March 10, 2014, Silver Birch Press released I am the Maker of all sweetened possum: found poetry in Scarlet Sister Mary by james w. moore. Here’s what editors and poets are saying about the full-color, 64-page collection:

“moore enters a dialogue with Peterkin’s text by excising, erasing, and in one case literally stitching words together to create poems whose subjects are as creative and diverse as the methods he employs. moore’s visually rich and lyrically sophisticated poems traverse the traditional boundaries of found poetry and are a significant contribution to the genre.” Jenni B. Baker, Found Poetry Review editor-in-chief 

“moore imagines words in a setting beyond the blank page and gives them a visual context to communicate their truths. The book begins with a warm and friendly commentary, as if you and he are engaged in a conversation about his process. As the book evolves, so does the complexity and creativity of setting for moore’s remix of Peterkin’s words, until we reach the final exultant ‘Heaven.'” Margo Roby, poet

“Within within these pages we are treated to an exotic cross-media journey through the modified pages of Julia Peterkin’s original text. It is rare, if not unique to find such painstaking craft and depth of creative imagination so adeptly and seamlessly married with found poetry as in Scarlet Sister.” Winston Plowes, poet

“moore set out to write poems that sounded like the kind he would write, even while using Julia Peterkin’s words. The poems achieve this intent as a collection that reads neither as a criticism of the original text, nor as a disconnected effort. We get to glimpse Moore’s ‘universe’ through his particular exploration of found poetry, and it is a distinct pleasure.” Beth Ayer, Senior Poetry Editor, Found Poetry Review

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