by Marie Ponsot

The green vine is moving.
The motion’s too slow to be
visible but it is racing,
racing feeling for a way
across the wall of fence
it’s scrawling on, inches added every day.
Forwarding, sunwarding, it claims
its place. Green states its claim. It writes
the lesson of the day: longing,
longing coming true while arcing
out and up according to the instruction
of desire. Sun-hungry its tip has tilted
toward sun-space. Already
it is speeding leaf-notes out of its root
all along the sprigless budless thread
still scribbling the deed of its location.
In two weeks or one or four
morning glory.

SOURCE: “Late Spring as Usual” appears in Marie Ponsot’s collection Easy (Knopf, 2009), available at

PHOTO: “Morning Glory Vines” by Linda D, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED