Before and After
by Katie Aliferis 

Long after the glitter has settled
Long after the gowns have ceased flowing
Long after the bubbles have popped in their glasses

Your heart still jumps at the click of heels on the
Marble floors, at the tone of a light giggle
At the mention of her name

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Katie Aliferis is a writer from San Francisco, California. Her poetry has been featured in Voices of Hellenism Project: Voices, 9 Muses News, Velvet Revolution Reading Series, and other literary journals and websites. When not writing, Katie can be found reading, traveling, and enjoying time with her friends and family. Follow Katie on Twitter: @KatieA_SF and visit her website

Illustration: Portrait of Daisy Buchanan (watercolor, 2011) by Hannah Haeun Kim, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

SOURCE: “Before and After” by Katie Aliferis will appear in the Silver Birch Press The Great Gatsby Anthology (April 2015).