by Joan L. Cannon 

Two starlings, two geese, and a phoebe . . .
In the yard, on the pond, no pear tree . . .

Centimeter of crocus, inch of daffodil,
Shed door jammed with snow still,

Patience, old girl, though the calendar says spring,
Experience tells you what any day may bring.

IMAGE: “Daffodils with Bad Timing,” watercolor by Suni Roveto. Prints available at

joanlcannon ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan L. Cannon was born and reared in Manhattan, graduated from Carleton College (Minnesota), has lived most of her adult life in rural Connecticut, where she and her late husband enjoyed country living with their three children. She’s been, among other things, a teacher of high school English, a retail manager, an editor, and a writer. She’s published two novels, a collection of short stories, and a poetry collection called My Mind Is Made of Crumbs, available at To learn more about Joan and her work, visit her website. 

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Perhaps the thing that keeps me trying to produce poems is that almost always the ones I keep surprise me once I’ve left them alone for a few weeks. I love wondering if I wrote that, and thanks to my computer or my journal, I know I did.