dear dusty moth
by Robin Blaser

dear dusty moth
wearing miller’s cloth,
Sophia Nichols’ soft
voice calls wings
at dusk
across railroads
and sagebrush
to lull me to sleep,
‘Come to these window corners,
come, rest on my boy’s dreams
and flight,
come tonight

SOURCE: “dear dusty moth” appears in The Holy Forest: Collected Poems of Robin Blaser (University of California Press 2006), available at

IMAGE: “An Afternoon in Fall” by Michele Cornelius. Prints available at


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robin Blaser (1925-2009), with poets Robert Duncan and Jack Spicer, helped spark the Berkeley Poetry Renaissance in the 1940s that preceded the San Francisco poetry renaissance of the 1950s and 1960s. Blaser is the author of numerous collections of poetry, including The Moth Poem (1964), Cups (1968), Syntax (1983), and Nomad (1995). His poetry and prose has been collected into three volumes: The Holy Forest: Collected Poems of Robin Blaser (2007), The Fire: Collected Essays of Robin Blaser (2006), and Even on Sunday: Essays, Readings, and Archival Materials on the Poetry and Poetics of Robin Blaser (2002). In 2006, Blaser received the Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry’s Lifetime Recognition Award. Two years later, The Holy Forest garnered the 2008 Griffin Poetry Prize.