by Shreyas Gokhale

There are a lot of poems on New Year
They tell you how it feels when it is near.

An excitement and joy sprouts in the mind
To start afresh and leave the past behind

But none tells you what happens in the mid,
When half is gone, half set to make a bid.

The half gives ample time to retrospect
And play fresh moves or make the wrongs correct,

May this Half Year bring lots of love and laugh,
You can’t be full unless you are a half!

IMAGE: “Calla Lily Vendors” by Diego Rivera (1943).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Shreyas Gokhale is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Jabalpur Engineering College in India. He also serves as a writer at Keynotes Poets and Writers, Sacramento, California, and has written several works in Indian languages — including Hindi, Sanskrit ,and Marathi. A collection of his Sanskrit verses was published recently in an Indian spiritual magazine Atmotthaan.