by Liz Worth

Can you remember the details?
That other life,
the last parts alone,
underbreath laugh as
I lost my breakfast.

Here we are, wild
as a nerve slips up.
You birth colors,
red and blonde,
a ghost rally
to spend
twice as much
money on A.

We never came back
to revolutionize the world,
map out a plan of gray,
the book you were giving me.

Did you do those things,
looking for something else?
You’re something strange,
working to know the morning.

SOURCE: “Ghost Rally” by Liz Worth is based on page 418 of a: A Novel by Andy Warhol

IMAGE: “A Set of Six Self-Portraits” by Andy Warhol, oil and silkscreen ink on canvas (1967).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Liz Worth has created over 400 poems from Andy Warhol‘s book a: A Novel — one from each page in the book — spending over a year on the project, which she completed on May 31, 2014. Check it out at rewritingwarhol.  Worth is the author of  PostApoc (2013), a novel available at Amazon.com.  Her other books include Amphetamine Heart and Treat Me Like Dirt: An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond. She lives in Toronto. Find her at lizworth.com.

Author photo by Don Pyle.