by Lejan

My hair is like a waterfall, straight with many layers. It is as black as midnight, with bits of brown, as dark as a wet tree trunk.

My eyes are as brown as brown, shiny as a coin, big and gloomy, my eyes are.

My nose is like a slide, sloping downwards. Bumpy and rough, but smooth also. Medium sized, placed in the middle of my face.

My mouth is pink like a faded cherry. Soft and squishy. Like a birds feather.

My face is like the sun, light and round. Ovals are crossed with my circle. It’s an Ovacircle.

My body’s like a duck, not fat, not slim, it feels like dry straw. Rough and Smooth.

My feet are like turtles, slow and steady. Wide like the endless ocean.

My hand is big, skinny, and soft. Strong like the wind.

IMAGE: “Blue Sea Turtle” by Coastal Colors Cape Cod. Prints available at