by Piper Leigh

Avoiding the tide of a stranger in another room,

I walk to my sea.

I long for unbroken shorelines, mourn what is lost.
A seahorse lies stiff in my hand.

The tide takes my name. Manta rays fly into view, ghost of shark joins the flock.

I seek scarlet saturation
in tide pools holding an entire world.
My pen scratches watermarks on broken shell.

Waves surge in dreams and darkness, roil the sea bottom,
carry my petition to tender anemones.

SOURCE: “Self-Portrait” appears in The Landscape Between Us by Catherine Ferguson and Piper Leigh, available at

IMAGE: “The Landscape Between Us” by Piper Leigh, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Piper Leigh is an artist, author, photographer, and bookmaker. Her book of poetry and photography my thin-skinned wandering  was released by Tres Chicas Books in 2011. Founder of the consultancy Comunica — where she fosters innovation, learning, and experimentation through creative meetings and workshops, leadership training, and strategic planning — she is the author of the book series Art & Science of: Courageous Conversation, Meetings, Innovation. For a complete list of her books, visit

Author self-portrait by Piper Leigh, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.