by Alexander Limarev

Who was that little boy
In a frill from magpie fluff?
Who was that little boy,
whose fingers are tenderer than tarragon?
Who was that little boy
in a cloak from the tears of Harlequin?
Who was that little boy
with a look of a work-worn scaffold?
Who was that little boy whose thoughts…
But what do we know?
Precipitated into a hellhole
(for the others to feel shame)
’cause he couldn’t bear
in his haggard body
the gift of God –
a beautiful soul?
An immortal soul.

Did that little boy exist?
It seems that all this is rubbish
and cowardice.

Alexander Limarev profile photo

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alexander Limarev is a freelance artist, mail art artist, curator, and poet from Russia. Participated in more than 250 international projects and exhibitions. His artworks are part of private and museum collections of 45 countries. His art and poetry have been featured in various online publications including Time for a Vispo, Expoesia Visual Experimental, The New Post-Literate: A Gallery of Asemic Writing, Baa:Be:l, Nothing and Insight, Foffof, Spontaneous Combustion Language Image Lab, Fooom, Poezine, Degu: A Journal of Signs, Existere, ffoOom, Chernovik, The White Raven,, ŎŎŏŏŏ, Boek861, Tip of the Knife, Bukowski on Wry, Kiosko (libera, skeptika, transkultura), Microlit, Metazen, Blackbird, Zoomoozophone Review, and M58.

IMAGE: “Paul as Harlequin” by Pablo Picasso (1924).