by Rizwan Saleem

I’m done with what I did
And done with what i didn’t
I’ve had my share of pleasure
And times two hundred the pain
I’m done with being simple
And always being plain
Now I’ll do something different
Or end up doing what I can

I’m done with love and kisses
And all other types of fevers
I’m done with thoughts and phantoms
And voices that say I still need
Do away with hopes and prayers
They never worked for me
I’ll find my own way back
Alone is all I’ll ever be

I’m done with my days
And all the different seasons
I’m done with being sorry
And I won’t listen to any reason

I’m done with being sane
It was madness to begin with
Now I’ll laugh at every evil
Because I know it’s all the same

I’m done with all that heaven
Has promised to its men
I’m done with hell as well
So I stopped counting my vices
I knew I was done long before
Now I’m left to my own devices

IMAGE: “Quit” by Ed Ruscha (1967).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rizwan Saleem is a banker by profession residing in Dubai UAE, and fancies himself a poet of the lowest caliber. The thoughts and expressions detailed in his works are of his various escapades suffered through life and of the profound surprise of having survived long enough to pen them into words. The writer wishes that readers may be able to afford a sardonic smile upon reading his work and relate themselves to his rhymes.