by Jacque Stukowski

Mirror oh dear mirror,
what have you to say today?

Is my wavy hair of brownish red really filled with oh so much grey?

Mirror oh brutally honest mirror,
Is that really me I see?

Has my face really aged beyond
the youthful sparkle in my eyes?
Has the darkness inside me stolen my infectious smile once again?

Mirror oh cracked mirror,
Oh what distortions you now display!

From the jagged slice that highlights the softness of my lips,
or the long triangular angle jutting downward, towards the curvature of my hips.

Mirror oh blood-stained mirror,
How much more I love this new
me you now reflect!

Like stained-glass panels,
you refract the different parts of me, highlighting features that I may
have never even seen.

Mirror oh fragmented mirror,
What can I say? I like this
Picasso like mixed up version your glass reflects my way.

Mirror oh broken mirror,
all it took was my fist to smash.

For now through your cracks
I can see, the me I’ve longed to see.
Deep blue eye here,
highlighted curl there,
Oh and don’t forget those ruby lips!!

Mirror oh portrait of me mirror,
Oh how I’m mixed up so.
Like a Picasso woman within all your shards of glass. You’ve shown me that there still is beauty on the outward parts of me. All it took was little a bit of creativity for me to see . . .

IMAGE: “Woman with hat” by Pablo Picasso (1962).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jacque Stukowski‘s blog God[isms] is her personal space to vent and share stories of growth through life’s ups and downs living with BP and ADHD. It’s a place where her writing and photos collide with spirituality, a dash of 12 steps, and a sprinkle of the daily trials of being a Christian wife, mother of two boys, and a full-time graphic designer. She frequently uses metaphors and symbolism to connect the reader to real life things in nature to convey the message she’s writing about. Her poetry has appeared in the Silver Birch Press May Poetry Anthology (June 2014) and Half New Year Poetry Collection (July 2014).