by A. Garnett Weiss

There’s always a certain awareness,
a limited amount of changes you can make.
Can’t get away from your actual identity
as that cross-eyed Canadian.

Too easily consumed by the wave,
I’d seen all the pitfalls.
All those sandtraps of entitlement
you think you suddenly deserve
in this funny business.

still searching for
that kind of roadside attraction,
so much for the role
I just left.

Young enough, dumb enough, feel
like this kid sitting on the bench
in the life-threatening cold:
It was real when the camera rolled.

SOURCE: Richard  Ouzounian’s “The Big Interview: Ryan Reynolds(Toronto Star,  August 23, 2014).

IMAGE: Ryan Reynolds 

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I read the source material, extract phrases or words of interest, then live with them until a sequence emerges and until the poem clicks.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Poems by JC Sulzenko, now writing poetry as A. Garnett Weiss, have been featured on local and national radio and television, on-line and in anthologies and chapbooks. Her centos have won a number of recent awards. Various newspapers have carried her creative non-fiction. “In the third person” was featured in Silver Birch Press’s self-portrait poetry series. She has appeared often on behalf of The Ottawa International Writers Festival, which hosted the premiere of her play about Alzheimer’s disease, What My Grandma Means to Say, and launched her sixth book for children adapted from the play. In 2012, she served as poet-mentor for The Gryphon Trio’s Listen Up! Ottawa music and poetry project. She also received the Ottawa Public Library’s Order of Friendship for her “outstanding volunteer” service. Visit her at