by Tara R. Andrews

For the money.
Yes, for the money.
What else for?
It’s hard work.
I pay in taxes
88 cents out of each dollar.
I love America.
One pays for one’s pleasures.
I stand still and sing.
I do not take myself seriously.
I’m laughing at myself all the time.
This is fun.
I am a unique performer.
I have no competition.
I am easy going.
I cannot stand stupidity.
Stupid people annoy me.
Fans worship me,
are in awe of me.
They are stupid.
Who am I to be held in awe?
Be in awe of a doctor or a scientist.
I could never be friends with anyone
stupid enough to worship me.
I’m no sex goddess.
Americans love to create myths.
Never read American magazines.
Don’t believe a word.

SOURCE: Marlene Dietrich interviewed by Clive Hirschhorn (1965).

IMAGE: Marlene Dietrich street art, Los Angeles (September 2014).

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tara R. Andrews is a poet, playwright, and author of children’s books. Her latest novel for children is Ava & Bob, available at Amazon.com. Visit her at taraandrewswriter.com.