by Erin Dorney

I grew
I related
I used
I met
I would
I wanted
I knew
I looked
I decided
I could
I told
I got
I was so in love
I needed
I don’t know
I can’t
I have
I did
I’ve got
immaculate cheekbones

SOURCE: Shia LaBeouf interview, Just Jared, September 2006.

IMAGE: Shia LaBeouf by Nathaniel Goldberg, GQ, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I am working on a series of erasure poems sourced from interviews with Shia LaBeouf (2006-present). I chose this celebrity due to his recent performances/statements regarding intellectual property stemming from the controversy over plagiarism in his own work. The pieces are explorations into ideas of ownership, remixing, and copyright in art and writing. Punctuation, capitalization, and line breaks have been altered but no words have been added.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Erin Dorney is a founding editor of The Triangle. Her work has been published in The Newer York, The Fox Chase Review, and Potluck Mag. She can be found on Twitter.