by Sue Hyon Bae

Disconnect him from me—we’re scared of our own
History, biography—
We’re passionate people, and we’re sensitive
People and we care, you know?
You can’t go investigating with everybody like that.
That’s why I sit in the dark. We have flashlights we use
Every now and again
We keep it open and keep it unsure
I never knew what that was!
That seems reasonable enough.

SOURCE: Interview with Michael Fassbender by Scott Tobias featured at A.V. Club (Nov. 30, 2011).

IMAGE: Actor Michael Fassbender.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: The poem is based on an A.V. Club interview with Michael Fassbender and Steve McQueen about their film, Shame (2011). I only used lines spoken by Fassbender.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sue Hyon Bae is a Korean-American poet currently working on her MFA at Arizona State University. Her work has been published in Spires.