Lana Del Rey
by Sonya Gray Redi

umm I wish
I was everything.
I feel magical.
I still feel that way.
I guess I am going in more
of a sardonic narco swing.
People don’t think my
stuff was about free
Love and
life unhinged.
I hope we are growing.
People feeling murky,
dark waiting-
all I know

SOURCE: Lana Del Rey interview in The Guardian by Tim Jonze (June 2014).

IMAGE: Lana Del Rey by Neil Krug, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: : Sonya Gray Redi lives in a small apartment in San Francisco, California. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Literature Writing from UC San Diego. Her writing has been featured in Mania Magazine and other publications across the interwebs. She enjoys riding her bike, walking through redwood forests, and watching black and white films.