Prometheus in chains
by Robert Lee Haycock

I hear wingbeats
It is not so bad really
But I feel sorry for the eagle

She says she much prefers salmon
To the taste of my titanic liver
Oh, yes, we chat amiably each day
Before she sets to her doom and mine

What really hurts is that you clots of clay
Remember my brother Epimetheus and his curious gift
Thinking that you discovered fire all by yourselves

IMAGE: “Prometheus” by Gustave Moreau (1868).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert Lee Haycock grew up in California’s Santa Clara Valley, “The Valley of Heart’s Delight,” and now resides in Antioch, California, “The Gateway to the Delta.” Robert has been an art handler at the M. H. de Young Memorial Museum and the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco since 1988.