by Catfish McDaris

It’s not easy having Zeus
as a father, the deity of the
universe, god of heaven
and earth, that’s pressure

Or Cronus for a grandpa,
eating his own children
regurgitating his Uncle
Hades with his mean three
headed dog, Cerberus

Or going fishing with his
Uncle Poseidon and he just
looks at the water and fish
jump in the boat like rain

Or smelling giants, animals,
and Atlas while holding up
the world, the only thing he
liked was getting the girdle
from the Amazon queen.

IMAGE: “Hercules” by John Singer Sargent (1921).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Catfish McDaris is an aging New Mexican living near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has four walls, a ceiling, heat, food, a woman, a daughter, two cats, a typing machine, and a mailbox. He writes mostly for himself, and sometimes he gets lucky and someone publishes his words.