Urania the Stargazer
by Britny Cordera Doane

With dewish wand, I point
to the unborn words of wind-
driven ballerinas.
I knew their stories before
my star-dotted lyre gave flight
to the fledged songbirds and carrions.
I make sure time does not pluck
your crown and quill, but
you refuse my globe on palace walls.
My cut-out eyes find home
on fountains of blue-backs where
quince trees know no lore filled
more with woe.
I placed clap-nets where grottoes
roofed your flared arms,
no brighter than my wonder
for sky beyond blue.
You live, now, in space
where a hoot, tweet, caw, coo,
and broken trill, flood images of
swans who die for Elysium–
through small white frames, my
feathering fingers lure the tizzy
of wings to clear stage; empty curtain.
Now, fauns and flat-foots can voyage
alone, but hear your mummed whispers.
The common raven will make them marvel
for his yearning din.
My name is Urania.
On my cloak lie your runes.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Mythology has always been my passion. My upcoming book, Wingmakers, is about the bird constellations and the myths that surround them. “Urania the Stargazer” is inspired by the muse Urania. Since Urania is the muse of my book, this poem holds many images of birds.

IMAGE: “Urania, Muse of Astronomy” mosaic ceiling (Vatican) by Raphael (1483-1520)


Britny Cordera Doane resides in Omaha, Nebraska, and is a student of creative writing and religious studies at the University of Nebraska. She has been published twice in the university’s 13th Floor literary magazine, and was featured in the Women for Women international publication: Forget Me Not. Known locally as the Old Market Poet, Britny is often set up with her typewriter in Omaha’s Old Market district, sharing her work with others. She has recently been interviewed and featured in The Omaha World-Herald. Britny looks forward to having her maiden voyage, Wingmakers, published by Pinyon in 2015.