by James Walton

Slipping from the cylinder masts straightening
Quietly we abridge the floats of ice
Embarkation only a hint in the stop bottle moon
Our science is too primitive for this
Leave it to the Renaissance flummoxed oceans
Wrap their capes indifferent to journey
The long haul pulls incessantly knows its strength
In the blink of eclipse penguins ride polar bears
Boundary markers sparkle shifting spheres
Alternating helix bubble in the pharmacist’s jar
The finger’s tug in mizzen circumnavigate a myth
In deep water dreamy fluorescence makes it possible
To see the waves tumbling shoulders slipways of chance
Anchor over the palette of waxing awakening


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Walton has been published in a number of magazines and journals and The Age newspaper. He was shortlisted for the ACU National Literature Prize in 2013, and Specially Commended in the Welsh Poetry Competition 2014.

IMAGE: “Birth of Venus” (after Botticelli), photomosaic by Robert Silvers (2006).