He leaned quiet to watch what he could see;
chary, he stood, peered out the window pane
toward the old pear orchard at the pair
of them, sitting close where they had been sent

to speak about what writhes within a scent,
which churns like waves inside a stormy sea.
Their need was to forget, set free that pain
hanging on a branch like a single pear

left behind for the knife of grief to pare
away carefully that loss, sorrow sent
like a crush of waves from a roaring sea.
Their silence glued him to the window’s pane;

he knows the globed obstacle of their pain
that harvest both their weary hearts. The pair
of them need to realize their feelings sent
to find what is reaped inside what they see

lost in that rooms silence that grips the pair—
the pain of their child’s death is all they see.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I chose a form I invented called a quatratina modeled after a sestina which uses repeated words at the ends of the lines. Instead of sestets with and envoy of a tercet; my form is written in quatrains with envoy of a couplet. The use of repeated words along with the use of sounds is use in the homonyms on the ends of the lines of the poem written in 10 syllable lines. Form as follows. From: A Quatratina: 4 quatrains and a couplet-envoy/ 18 lines (invented by RH Peat) word scheme: ABCD // DABC // CDAB // BCDA envoy (DC // BA)  or  (CB // AD)  10 syllabic meter.My identity word sounds: (see/ pain/ pair/ sent) with the use of homonyms in exchange for words as the same sound. Much like a sestina.

IMAGE: “There Is a World Outside” by Priska Wettstein. Prints available at

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: RH PEAT is a 72-year-old California poet who has been published in the USA, New Zealand, India, and Japan. He’s taught workshops and read his work on radio & TV. He’s been listed in the top 100 in Writer’s Digest Annual Poetry Competition on several occasions. He’s operated poetry readings sponsored by Poets & Writers Magazine in Auburn, California.