And I am waiting/for the storms of life/ to be over—Ferlinghetti
by Perry S. Nicholas

I am waiting for my earned peace.

Now I wait for doctors to stop poking
this aging, hairless body,
for my heart rate to drop below 100.

I wait for neighbors to take down
Repeal the Safe Act signs,
replace them with He is coming.

For electronic insanity to subdue,
for people to look each other in the eye again.
To tire of the silliness of machines and screens.

I suppose I am waiting for someone to talk to.
I suppose I’m still waiting for time to tell.
For my struggle to end, strain to loosen.

My head spins wanting something new,
waiting for it to make up its mind.
About a lot of things, but mostly about the present.

Is it worth an effort to accept the past?
Or bear the weight of never knowing?

I’ve been waiting a long time for quick answers.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Perry S. Nicholas is an Associate English professor at Erie Community College North in Buffalo, New York. His books of poetry are: The River of You, What the World Sees, Small Crafts, Beginnings, and The Company We Keep with poet Maria Sebastian-Nicholas. Perry has recorded one CD of poetry called I’ve Written Too Many Poems.

IMAGE: “Blue Night” by Edward Hopper (1914).