The Future of Statues 1937 by René Magritte 1898-1967
Running ahead to fall behind
by Rizwan Saleem

Eternally, waiting
For lost things to return
A turn in tides
From fortune turned to ashes
A fire extinguished to burn
I’m waiting
For the perfect moment
In every day and every year of mine
I’m waiting
To stop wasting time
I’m waiting for mystical clouds to burst open
And shower me down with holy water
Wash me clean of my sins
I’m waiting
For my problems to solve them selves
For magic unknown
To conquer all
And fear none
I’m waiting
To stop waiting
I’m waiting to move on


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Rizwan Saleem is a banker based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The thoughts and expressions detailed in his works are of his various escapades suffered through life, and of the profound surprise of having survived long enough to pen them into words. His poems have appeared in anthologies Twenty-Seven Signs by Lady Chaos Press and Self-Portrait Poetry Collection by Silver Birch Press.

IMAGE: “The Future of Statues” by René Magritte (1937) painted in oil on a commercial plaster reproduction of the death mask of Napoleon.