Girl in chef's hat and apron with beater
by Marianne Hales Harding

I am waiting for the magic moment when liquid turns to solid(ish),
when the cream’s experience changes from being the fat behind the scenes to the glimmer in a child’s eyes.
I turn the whisk again and again in faith,
filled with hopes for a new life
for the cream
and the creamer
(who looks for evidence of magic in tiny things like whipped cream
and hangs her hopes on the idea that wishes can suddenly come true
just when you are ready to set the whisk down)


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marianne Hales Harding is a poet and playwright whose work has been produced in theaters from New York to Seattle and published in both online and print venues (such as Everyday Mormon Writer, Brooklyn Publishers, SheKnows, and ePregnancy). She mentors emerging writers as the cofounder of the creative writing open mic Speak for Yourself in Provo, Utah, where she lives with her two daughters, two birds, one dog, and at least one mouse (unless the recent anti-mouse measures  were effective).