Inspired by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
by Carly Bryson

I am waiting for sunlight to stream through the clouds of political discord so I can speak to my friends again and I am waiting for them to remember we were once inquisitive children undefined by colors or directions or the evening news.

I am waiting for the resilience that must rest in genetic memory to shake this perpetual inertia and I am waiting for the world to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the MeKong Delta.

I am waiting for a cup of black coffee to appear at my bedside on Sunday morning along with a quarter folded section of a real newspaper without coupons and I am waiting for that road trip to some terrain un-greened, full of hard dirt and bitter weed.

I am waiting for the white noise of open windows and the sound of absolute nothing and I am waiting for the lover from every best novel I’ve read to remind me of what I used to be and what I may never be again.

I am waiting for that guy from The Walking Dead to vanquish all the walkers and hopefully inspire Daryl to wash his hair and I am waiting for the earth to split open and spit out the mother of all epiphanies, the one that will remind us we are all still human.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR:  “Waiting for an Epiphany” was truly inspired by Lawrence Ferlinghetti‘s poem “I Am Waiting” in every sense, as I relate to his words of indignity mixed with a wry sense of humor and an underlying kindness and concern for the world. I consider him a seminal figure in the Beat/Post-Beat school of poetry, and feel so fortunate to live in a time where someone of his talent and caliber is still with us.

IMAGE: “Trumpet” by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1984).


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Carly Bryson lives in Houston, Texas, and writes poetry and prose about cracked dirt, lonesome highways, dirty rotten wars, nasty city air, pending dystopia, and the frailty of the human condition. Her poetry has been featured in several online publications and anthologies, including Red Fez, Virgogray Press, My Favorite Bullet, and Lummox Press. Her poetry collection Bandana Wasteland was published by NeoPoiesis Press in 2012. Her new collection Gristle & Bone will be published in 2015.